ServiceNow is a SaaS based IT operations automation system for business enterprises. Through ServiceNow, businesses can now create a unified and focused point of service that spans multiple business facets and processes. It also enables the enterprise’s employees to access through web the resources integrated to the system and get to information and involvement in respect of several active features that matters.

ServiceNow empowers companies to follow and track resources like software and hardware and evaluate their usage in the company through its asset management features. A highly effective ticketing system as part of ServiceNow can ensure fast incident creation and reporting. This also includes a live chat module to consult relevant technical department for realtime redressal and fast solutions. ServiceNow also has the advantage of working out well for companies that have considerably sized employee team. Smooth management of communication between employee teams is as important as customer interactions and hence the feature of ServiceNow helps business enterprises immensely.

ProInf Strengths:
  • We design, develop, implement and integrate a ready-to-use ServiceNow instance that provides strategic value, best practice design, and process improvement.
  • To ensure long-term platform support, our advisors walk through key implementation exercises and transfer significant technical information to your project team.
  • We have successfully worked with clients across all industries.
  • 13 yrs of experience in Service Management
  • Award-winning Project Management practice
  • The wholehearted client commitment you need to get where You want to go.